A swift look back at 2023

In this last GRIP article in 2023 I reflect on the year and pass on our best wishes for 2024 to all, but especially to you, our readers.

This year has been a momentous one for us here at GRIP because our information service launched to the public in February.

That launch day was a genuinely exciting moment and the culmination of a 15 month effort to turn an exciting vision for a new product into reality.

It was also a daunting experience because, for the first time, our content would not only reach our colleagues, but would travel far more widely.

Even the most optimistic of us have been surprised by GRIP’s unexpected reach and popularity. Had someone told me at the start of the year that we would be read by thousands of readers in 150 countries by the end of it I would have been highly sceptical. And yet this is exactly where we find ourselves in December 2023.

An important contributor to the success of GRIP has been the continued growth of our team, with the newly arriving team members swiftly making a compelling and conspicuous mark on the content. As a result of their and the entire team’s hard work our coverage has expanded considerably and has also matured swiftly.

We have also been able to add a much wider range of external perspectives to GRIP. We are genuinely grateful to all of these talented and hard-working individuals for agreeing to partner with us, whether by contributing an article, commenting on one or participating in a podcast. Your expertise has enriched our service immeasurably and made our coverage more wide-ranging, more detailed and more interesting to our readers. We really look forward to continuing to work with you and engaging with you even more closely.

We have continued to invest in our people and also in the technology underpinning GRIP and will continue to do so in 2024, with expanding coverage and some truly exciting developments both in terms of content and functionality coming in the near future.

Not all has gone smoothly of course. It never does. And the GRIP team has also experienced its fair share of challenges, disappointment and grief in 2023.

A real blow was the death of Shannon Rogers Roy, Global Relay’s President and General Counsel, who lost her battle with cancer in March. As our journey continues we will keep the memory of her courage, empathy and generosity of spirit in our hearts.

Finally, to all of our readers out there – thank You for all your support and for being a part of this adventure so far.

Please accept our sincere wishes for a creative, successful and happy 2024.