Podcast: Andrew Davies of ComplyAdvantage on financial crime and fentanyl

Our senior reporter Carmen Cracknell spoke to Andrew Davies about financial crime and fetanyl.

Andrew Davies is Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at ComplyAdvantage.

We talked about:

  • how data and technology can be leveraged to manage financial crime risk;
  • how illicit funds from drug trafficking flow into the financial system;
  • why fentanyl has brought this into focus and the prominent role of China in the trade;
  • why reputational risk is important;
  • whether regulators are doing enough to adapt;
  • the need for institutions to collaborate effectively;
  • the role of crypto in illicit finance;
  • the three pillars of financial crime risk management: compliance obligations, moral imperative, and reputational risk; and
  • how AI will help to uncover unknowns.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.