Podcast: Iain Armstrong on the state of financial crime in 2024

Iain Armstrong speaks about the findings from ComplyAdvantage’s State of Financial Crime 2024 report.

Iain Armstrong is Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead at ComplyAdvantage.

We talked about:

  • Why the majority of those working in the financial services industry are concerned about AI;
  • the use of AI by fraudsters to enhance the scale and sophistication of their attacks;
  • the complications of open banking and current trust levels;
  • investing in compliance staff and keeping pace with technology;
  • upcoming elections in 2024 and PEPs;
  • how sanctions make a difference on the ground but are a slow puncture;
  • AI threats and deepfake;
  • the mass industrialization of scams, use of chatbots, and synthetic ID.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.