Podcast: Marianne Fogarty, former CCO at Twitter, on building a compliance program

Marianne Fogarty talks to GRIP about building and implementing programs designed to support business growth and innovation.

GRIP’s US Content Manager, Julie DiMauro, spoke with Marianne Fogarty, a veteran compliance professional with years of experience at large enterprises, including Twitter and Mastercard.

Her experience in building new compliance programs from scratch was a topic we covered in depth, diving into what constitutes an effective program and how to gain the resources and collaboration needed to create a functional, global one.

In the practical and insightful discussion, Marianne speaks about:

  • embedding compliance across the company;
  • creating infrastructure and systems to support employers;
  • tailoring your compliance programs to the precise risks your business is facing;
  • showing the executive leadership you have achieved the objectives in building the right compliance program for the business;
  • conducting risk assessments through a collaborative risk-management program;
  • getting around roadblocks in creating and remediating compliance programs through strategic planning; and
  • the evolving skillsets and strategies compliance professionals need in their careers.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.