GRIP Forecast 2024 – World economy

The GRIP team looks into the crystal ball and does some plain speaking about what the future might bring – this time looking at the economy in 2024.

Carmen Cracknell, Senior Reporter

The global economy may not pick up until 2025.

Jean Hurley, Commissioning Editor

With US and UK elections, ongoing warfare, climate-related natural disasters tripling (or increased by a factor of five or even 10 depending where you read the stats) … I have no expectations.

I just hope the economy in 2024 is stronger and more resilient.

Martin Cloake, Managing Editor

It’s hard not to be very pessimistic, whatever happens in a UK general election. Infrastructure, support services, R&D and the production of real value have been undermined and neglected for so long that it is going to take a very long time to recover.

Add in the damage done by Brexit – which there was never really a practical plan for –and it is hard to see any uplands, sunny or not.

The social tensions this produces will make it harder for whoever is in government to really get to grips with the structural issues necessary, and there seems little indication that many in the political sphere know the right questions, let alone answers.

The financial services sector, in these circumstances, could become a greater focus for popular discontent.

Martina Lindberg, Production Manager

Will take time to recover from wars and conflict as well as the impact of high inflation over the last few years.

Thomas Hyrkiel, Head of Content Services

Will put in a stronger performance and prove to be more resilient than expected even against the geopolitical and economic headwinds.