Podcast: Gail Wessels on governance and CCO engagement with the board

In this podcast, GRC expert Gail Wessels helps CCOs navigate their path to the board of directors.

In this episode, US Content Manager Julie DiMauro spoke with Gail Wessels, a GRC specialist and lawyer, about what we mean by governance, risk and compliance and how each component should function, particularly the interaction between the “G” and “C” components.

Listen to Gail tell us about:

  • how GRC is the protector of the organization;
  • the effect of increased shareholder scrutiny over corporate goal setting and its direction, competitively and socially-speaking;
  • the skill sets required of boards today, and how that continues to evolve;
  • how compliance officers can best communicate with, inform and get better information from their boards of directors;
  • why GRC cannot act like the three wise monkeys covering eyes, ears and mouth to avoid “wicked” problems; and
  • how corporate leaders can make employees understand the role everyone plays in protecting the organization.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.