Podcast: Andrew Hood of Fieldfisher on the chip wars

Lawyer Andrew Hood spoke to us about the compliance and regulation around chips and semiconductors.

Andrew Hood is a Partner specializing in trade, regulatory, public affairs and public international law in Fieldfisher’s London office. Prior to that he worked in various government positions.

We talked about:

  • why chips are so integral to our daily lives;
  • the role of chips in national security and defense;
  • the risks of one country having disproportionate control over this technology;
  • the international connectedness of the chip production industry;
  • Taiwan’s key role and the potential damage any disruption could cause to the world economy;
  • US-China relations and steps the US has taken to restrict China’s development of this technology;
  • the geopolitical and national security risks of the technology being concentrated in one country;
  • the UK’s approach and the formulation of an independent institute;
  • sanctions, guidelines, and restricting the export of everyday products;
  • US export control laws and why compliance in the UK and Europe is key to enforcing sanctions; and
  • the main supply chain and compliance risks firms need to be aware of right now.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.