Podcast: Martin Calladine on crypto scandals and corruption in football

Martin Calladine is a football business journalist whose latest book, No Questions Asked: How football joined the crypto con, is out now.

We talked about regulatory failure in the industry and government attempts to set up a functioning regulator, and what went wrong when vulnerable investors fell for club token scams.

We discussed:

  • the financialization of the game and how clubs are owned, run, and funded;
  • the regulatory failures that led to the exploitation of fans in poorer countries, who in some cases lost their livelihoods to football token crypto scams;
  • the 2019 crypto branding gold rush, the case of Socios, a “blockchain-based engagement platform”, and the Manchester City token;
  • how regulation of the football industry would function;
  • the timeline for the formation of a regulator and its chance of success;
  • why regulation is in discussion right now;
  • the US context and regulation of US soccer and the NFL;
  • why players often blindly endorse tokens in a personal capacity;
  • whether there’s a place for blockchain technology in football; and
  • how AI is affecting the game.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.