FRCP Rule 34

Covers the requirements for producing documents and handling electronically stored information, plus how to handle tangible objects. The rule outlines when and how to respond or object to requests for the production of materials and the when and how concerning inspections of the materials.

Rule Overview

Jurisdiction: United States

Regulator: US DOJ

Topic: Discovery

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Unless otherwise stipulated or ordered by the court, these procedures apply to producing documents or electronically stored information:

  1. A party must produce documents as they are kept in the usual course of business or must organize and label them to correspond to the categories in the request;
  2. If a request does not specify a form for producing electronically stored information, a party must produce it in a form or forms in which it is ordinarily maintained or in a reasonably usable form or forms; and
  3. A party need not produce the same electronically stored information in more than one form.

US states have statutes that can be used to authorize the court to order parties in possession or control of documents to permit other parties to inspect and copy them before trial.

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