Podcast: NSCP recap with Barbara Boehler

The National Society of Compliance Professional’s (NSCP) Annual Conference happened in October in Dallas. We broke down the key talks with NSCP board member Barbar Boehler.

Barbara is senior director of corporate ethics and compliance at Fordham Law School, a board member for the NSCP, and co-chair of the NSCP’s event committee. Our senior reporter Carmen Cracknell discussed the latest NSCP gathering with Barbara and GRIP’s Julie DiMauro, who attended the event on behalf of Global Relay.

We talked about:

  • how the NSCP’s annual event brings together the biggest thinkers in the industry;
  • the prominent topics, particularly the new SEC exam priorities, released months earlier than normal;
  • opportunities stemming from the gathering of peers;
  • Mark Ayuda’s speech on exam priorities;
  • the focus on AI and regulators acknowledging its utility;
  • recommended training and masters programs; and
  • the importance of building a community as a compliance professional.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.