FINRA Rule 4370

Member firms must put in place and maintain written business continuity plan in the event of an emergency or significant business interruption.

Rule Overview

Jurisdiction: United States

Regulator: FINRA

Topic: Business Continuity

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This includes at a minimum:

  1. Data back-up and recovery (hard copy and electronic);
  2. All mission critical systems;
  3. Financial and operational assessments;
  4. Alternate communications between customers and the member;
  5. Alternate communications between the member and its employees;
  6. Alternate physical location of employees;
  7. Critical business constituent, bank, and counter-party impact;
  8. Regulatory reporting;
  9. Communications with regulators; and
  10. How the member will assure customers’ prompt access to their funds and securities in the event that the member determines that it is unable to continue its business.
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