Podcast: Agnes Foy on IWD and corporate culture

In the week of International Women’s Day, we talked to lawyer Agnes Foy about corporate culture, codes of conduct, and how #metoo brought about change for men as well as women.

Agnes Foy is a seasoned lawyer who moved from the City to the startup world.

We discussed:

  • why the startup mindset is different to that in large organizations based in the City of London;
  • how women can foster a supportive and collaborative work environment;
  • why codes of conduct are taking centre stage and how this is connected to the legal profession;
  • how the lawyer mindset generates a siege mentality and a lose-lose outcome that’s bad for culture;
  • whether HR should be handling culture issues and how it acts as a tool of management;
  • the FCA’s stance on non-financial misconduct and effecting cultural change;
  • how #metoo has shifted the dial and made men also understand they can call out bad behavior; and
  • why “leaning in” is simply endorsing a toxic environment and doesn’t work for men or women.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.