Podcast: Ann Chaglassian on managing conduct risk in today’s workplace

A CCO’s perspective on fostering good conduct.

In our latest podcast, Chief Compliance Officer for the US and Canada at Marsh & Mercer, Ann Chaglassian, spoke to US Content Manager, Julie DiMauro, about effective practices for fostering good conduct in the workplace and ensuring employees practice good judgment from an organizational perspective.

A shared responsibility in the modern workplace, Ann helps us think about managing conduct risk from all levels – with accountability and transparency being animating features of the process.

We talked about:

  • how to remind the business and its top leaders of the economic value of effective compliance;
  • the importance of training employees about how to spot misconduct, report it and even avoid it altogether;
  • how to use incentives and disincentives to reinforce the messaging;
  • how to foster a culture where employees feel accountable and empowered to make ethical decisions;
  • some strategies for dealing with toxic behavior, low morale, ineffective communication, discrimination, and resistance to change in the workplace;
  • ways to ensure people feel they are in a safe space for speaking up and then feeling heard; and
  •  how to avoid making over-commitments as an organization.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.