Podcast: Ex-FBI special agent Oliver Halle talks about taking the harder right

Halle tells GRIP about the people he’s met, their time served in jail, and more effective ways to create a culture of honesty.

Oliver Halle, president of Oliver G. Halle & Associates in Atlanta and a former special agent in the FBI, spoke with GRIP’s US Content Manager, Julie DiMauro, about why seemingly ethical people can engage in fraud. He talks about what combination of elements compels them to take the painful consequences of succumbing to dishonesty in their organizations. And how it upended their lives in painful ways.

Even more importantly, although he mentions the importance of leadership in sustaining a culture of honesty, he is quite candid about what he believes is not working to deter fraud at organizations, even if they seem like tempting solutions.

We spoke about:

  • the importance of leadership in sustaining a culture of honesty;
  • the limited utility of some traditional corporate strategies to deter misconduct;
  • real-life case examples of people who made the wrong turn, and the effect on the rest of their lives.

A former member of the US Navy, Halle gives us a sense as to where he got the name of his book Taking the Harder Right.

A transcript for this podcast is available here.