Podcast: Christian Hunt on compliance “in the wild” and the risks of AI data bias

Human Risk founder Christian Hunt believes a behavioural science-led approach can mitigate risk and lead to desirable outcomes in business and compliance.

Is a coercive approach effective when handling compliance? Does training help or hinder employees in an organization? Can AI mitigate risk in a compliance context?

We discussed all of this with behaviour and compliance expert Christian Hunt. We also talked:

  • Compliance in the wild.
  • Behavioural science, organizational risk, influencing human behaviour, and how it all relates to compliance.
  • The challenges of working for a regulator.
  • Data biases and how this affects using AI in compliance.
  • The drivers of human decision-making within organizations.
  • How rules can be problematic and lead to unintended consequences.
  • How something as simple as changing the subject line of an email can get employees to engage.

A transcript of this podcast is available.